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League Incentives
League Incentives

We offer a wide range of incentives and rebates for your league so that we can assure that we will be a perfect fit with your organization.

Cash Rebates

If you select the Cash Rebate your league will receive CASH BACK from all of the sales made on photo day!

Buttons & Magnets

If you select the Buttons and Magnets program, your league will be provided a package of either buttons or magnets for you to resell.

• We pay 100% of the cost of production.

• We supply them to you FREE of charge so you can raffle them and raise money for your league.

Sponsor Banners

You can pick banners in addition to on of the other incentive programs.  The difference with our sponsor banners is we will create a parent's business banner featuring a photo of their child. Parents are much more likely to pay for a banner to go on the fence if their child's photo is included on the banner. You sell the sponsor banners and we produce them with our photos at a very affordable cost. 

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