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Wedding Day Information Form

Bride's Getting Ready Location *

Will we be taking Getting Ready shots of the Groom?

If YES, where will Groom be getting ready? ( Please include the address)

Will the Bride and Groom see each other prior to the ceremony for a FIRST LOOK and have portraits taken

If YES to a FIRST LOOK, where would you like this to take place? 

Does the ceremony have any rules/restrictions regarding photography? (Use of flash, restricted areas within the venue, etc.)

Please check with your venue.

Will there be a receive line and/or special exit from the ceremony?

Where would you like Family Formals to take place?

Where would you like Bridal Party photos to take place?

Please list all formal family photos to be taken

(example: bride + mother and father, bride + mother, father and siblings, etc.)

Thanks for submitting!

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